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AerialCineMedia designs, fabricates and flies high-end UAV camera systems for Digital Media, Film and Television Production. From elegant flyovers to low altitude integrated action sequences, our UAV systems produce stunning aerial cinematography that is difficult or impossible to capture any other way. 

Our Flying Team is made up of some of the most experienced people in the business with extensive backgrounds in Commercial Aviation, Custom UAV Airframe and System design, Precision UAV Flight and Set Management on hundreds of Digital Media and Film Productions. 


AerialCineMedia Flying Cameras: Demo Reel

AerialCineMedia: Mandir

AerialCineMedia: Ontario Power Generation

AerialCineMedia: Bridgepoint

AerialCineMedia: Berkshire County Title Sequence

AerialCineMedia: Kia Winterfest


SR-3: Heavy Lifter

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Custom designed and built in-house by our chief pilot / UAV Systems designer, this single rotor heavy lifter was designed to effortlessly fly a Red Epic Dragon 6K with heavier Cine Style lenses. The powerful single rotor with custom blade pitch design makes this airframe ultra fast and highly maneuverable in 3D space. A brushless 3-axis camera gimbal with our unique de-coupled mounting system produces completely stable images independent of the direction, speed and action of the helicopter - including stable hover for longer action scenes or VFX work.

  • Cameras: Red Epic 6K Dragon
  • Lenses: Leica Summilux C, Leica Summicron C, Cooke S4, Zeiss CP2, Cooke 5i, Canon EF
  • Lens Size Range: 18-50mm
  • Pan 360 degrees / Tilt 90 degrees
  • Long range SD downlink for monitor view
  • Flight time: 8 or 16 minutes depending on shot requirements
  • Speed: 85 km/h
  • Range: 1500'
  • Size: 5.5' long, 5' rotor span, custom blade design for more lift
  • Payload capacity: Tested to 24 lbs
  • Additional: SR3 can be outfitted with a latency free HD TV broadcast downlink paired with a receiver station for live event broadcast applications.

SR-2: Medium Lifter

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Custom designed and built in-house by our chief pilot / UAV Systems designer, our custom rotor design makes the SR-2 ultra fast and highly maneuverable. It flies a modified 3-axis gimbal designed to carry medium weight camera and lens combinations. Designed primarily for Film and Television work, the SR-2 can also be outfitted with a latency free High Definition TV broadcast downlink for live event coverage. 

  • Cameras: Red Dragon (EF lenses), Blackmagic 4K, Canon C300
  • Lenses: Canon EF lenses - suggested lens Canon 16-35mm f2.8
  • Long range SD downlink for monitor view
  • Flight Time: 8 or 16 minutes depending on shot requirements
  • Speed: 87 km/h
  • Range: 1500'
  • Size: 5.5' long, 5.5' rotor span
  • Payload capacity: Tested to 16 lbs
  • Additional: SR2 can also be outfitted with a latency free HD TV broadcast downlink pair with a receiver station for live event broadcast applications


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Most of our UAV’s are Fly By Pilot systems, but we designed this airframe with GPS for use in VFX work where precise positioning may be required at various points along a flight path. The MR-1 carries a 3 axis brushless gimbal and flies medium weight camera and lens combinations. 

  • Cameras: Red Dragon, Blackmagic 4K, 5D MKIII, GH4
  • Lenses: DSLR lenses / Other lightweight lenses
  • Monitor: Long range SD downlink to set monitor
  • UAV: Axis: Pan-360 degrees, Tilt - level to 90 degrees down / 
  • Flight Time: 8 or 16 minutes depending on shot requirements / Speed: 60km/h / Range: 1200' / Size: 5' diameter / Payload capacity: 15lbs.

The Flying Team

Our flying team members have an average of 20 years experience in Commercial Aviation, Custom UAV Airframe and Systems design, Precision UAV Flight, Film Production and Set Operations Management.

Steve Couzens:

Flight Ops/Director, 1st A.D., CEO AerialCineMedia Flying Cameras

Steve Couzens is a First Assistant Director with 30 years experience on over 800 digital media and film projects. He has worked all over the world with hundreds of Directors and Cameramen – from David Fincher and Derek Vanlint to first timers and film students. Steve specializes in complex shooting projects involving helicopters, UAV’s, camera car, motion control, watercraft, green screen and VFX rigs. His on-set experience and knowledge of UAV operations and procedures allows AerialCineMedia to safely deliver integrated-action aerials that far surpass the competition. 

Scott Gray:

Chief Pilot, Lead Systems Designer, CEO SGE Inc. (UAV Technology Affiliate)

Scott is a world-renowned professional RC/UAV helicopter pilot and engineer. He is a multi-time World Championship medalist and a North American top ranked precision and acrobatic R/C Helicopter pilot with more than 24 National & World titles. Scott is a commercially licensed pilot and owner of two aircraft including a Pitts aerobatic biplane. Founder of a new UAV aerospace company, Scott is a leader in innovation and emerging technologies for UAV based platforms. Scott's 20+ years experience in competitive UAV and fixed wing flying allows AerialCineMedia to deliver precise integrated flying for cinema not found anywhere else. 

Geoff Gurr:

Camera and Gimbal Systems Operator, Wireless Control Technician, Photographer

Geoff is a UAV/RC custom fabrication and wireless control specialist with over 18 years experience. His experience in CAD design, HD cameras and gimbal technology along with spatial awareness skills honed in R/C blimp operations and competitive sailing allow Geoff to excel at operating our airborne 3-axis camera gimbal systems. Geoff is also a design technician at SGE inc., our UAV technology affiliate company and is an expert in all our aerial systems. 

Certifications / Insurance

AerialCineMedia operates under a Transport Canada Open Special Flight Operations Certificate that allows us to fly without the need to file flight plans. Our SFOC includes a certificate for night operations. We carry 5 million* in Aviation Liability Insurance, Airborne Camera and industry standard Commercial Production Insurance. *(10 million optional) 


We’ve been honoured to work with many great clients over the last few years through both our UAVCinematography and UAV Design Technology divisions. Here is a partial list of Cinema clients.

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Thank you to AerialCineMedia for all their hard work in helping me shoot some incredible and truly beautiful aerial shots for the opening sequence of my film. The flying team were highly skilled experts who easily and effortlessly gave me exactly what I was envisioning for every one of my shots. I couldn't be happier with the footage.
Audrey Cummings, Director Berkshire County
Steve and his helicopter team kicked ass on our shoot last week! They work together like clockwork, the images are smooth and steady, and the boss having an AD background certainly keeps things moving.
Brent J. Craig, First AC, Project Phoenix/Pan Am Games


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Steve Couzens