Big Sky Film Production

The Flying Team

Our flying team members have an average of 20 years experience in Commercial Aviation, Custom UAV Airframe and Systems design, Precision UAV Flight, Film Production and Set Operations Management.

Steve Couzens:

Flight Ops/Director, 1st A.D., CEO AerialCineMedia Flying Cameras

Steve Couzens is a First Assistant Director with 30 years experience on over 800 digital media and film projects. He has worked all over the world with hundreds of Directors and Cameramen – from David Fincher and Derek Vanlint to first timers and film students. Steve specializes in complex shooting projects involving helicopters, UAV’s, camera car, motion control, watercraft, green screen and VFX rigs. His on-set experience and knowledge of UAV operations and procedures allows AerialCineMedia to safely deliver integrated-action aerials that far surpass the competition. 

Scott Gray:

Chief Pilot, Lead Systems Designer, CEO SGE Inc. (UAV Technology Affiliate)

Scott is a world-renowned professional RC/UAV helicopter pilot and engineer. He is a multi-time World Championship medalist and a North American top ranked precision and acrobatic R/C Helicopter pilot with more than 24 National & World titles. Scott is a commercially licensed pilot and owner of two aircraft including a Pitts aerobatic biplane. Founder of a new UAV aerospace company, Scott is a leader in innovation and emerging technologies for UAV based platforms. Scott's 20+ years experience in competitive UAV and fixed wing flying allows AerialCineMedia to deliver precise integrated flying for cinema not found anywhere else. 

Geoff Gurr:

Camera and Gimbal Systems Operator, Wireless Control Technician, Photographer

Geoff is a UAV/RC custom fabrication and wireless control specialist with over 18 years experience. His experience in CAD design, HD cameras and gimbal technology along with spatial awareness skills honed in R/C blimp operations and competitive sailing allow Geoff to excel at operating our airborne 3-axis camera gimbal systems. Geoff is also a design technician at SGE inc., our UAV technology affiliate company and is an expert in all our aerial systems.